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6 out of 10 businesses don't have a properly configured Google Analytics account because they struggle to transform it into a valuable data asset, such as the internal data warehouse or CMS, CRM system.
Who benefit from Google Analytics 4 services:
Google Analytics 4 is for decision makers. People who need a clear and easy way to track, and monitor users behavior of web/mobile apps. Managers who demand for a way to achieve business goals and extract insights from data.
C-level: CEO, CMO
Owners of web/mobile apps
Product managers

Value Google Analytics 4 add to your business

Even using half of Google Analytics 4 arsenal is enough to get the analytical advantage for your business. Moreover, for advanced analytics, you can easily add the Data Studio and Big Query toolkit and extract much more value from your data.

Google Analytics 4 functionality:

Ecommerce tracking with Google Analytics 4
Google Analytics 4 shows what your customers are searching for and what they purchase. What goods and services are attractive to them, and how to increase sales by offering what your customers need. It’s achieved via e-commerce dashboards and web/mobile tracking, such as transactions, product position in listings, add to a cart, remove from a cart, etc.
Web, mobile applications analytics with Google Analytics 4
What do users read, click, watch, and search in your application? How does their behavior differ across platforms? How to increase the conversion of your users by giving them the right content? Google Analytics 4 makes it possible to answer these questions by tracking users actions across platforms and displaying accurate statistics in the reports.
A/B-tests with Google Analytics 4
Google Analytics 4 has built-in synchronization with Google Optimize. It is the free Google service for conducting A/B-tests. It allows everybody to calculate the sufficient group sizes, set up the test conditions, and receive statistically significant results indicating what variant is the best. A/B-testing is the necessary process for innovative companies that gives the opportunity to securely verify even the bravest ideas and limit losses in case of mistakes.
Marketing analysis with Google Analytics 4
What part of your SEO, PPC, ASO, SMM has the most effect on your company’s ROI? What CPA, CPI are adequate for your campaigns? How correctly attribute the user conversion to the channel? How to set up remarketing campaigns? Google Analytics 4 displays answers to these questions using auditory, traffic, behavior, and conversion reports. Why not use them to monitor when the acquired users paid off, how fast they paid off, what campaigns are profitable, and what aren’t.
Product analysis with Google Analytics 4
Users use your product, and at least you wish that everything works fine. And probably you want to make the product even better. So, how to make it better? Analysis of user behavior in Google Analytics 4 helps you understand what attracts users and where are the improvement points. Moreover, it allows you to monitor KPIs of your product in real-time to know that everything is working without errors.
Data transfer to Data Studio, Google Spreadsheets with Google Analytics 4
Data Studio and Google Spreadsheets have built-in connectors to Google Analytics 4. Thanks to seamless integration of google products designed to work together, your data is always available for ad-hoc analysis, presentations and reports.
Data warehouse, data lake in BigQuery with Google Analytics 4
We can help you to make your own data warehouse (DWH) starting with the data from Google Analytics 4 and enriching it by your data from ERP, CMS, CRM or any other tool you use. It will give you the way to run SQL calculations and apply machine learning algorithms to your data. Leveraging BigQuery allows your business to make forecasts, predictions and recommendations.
Custom dashboards, dimensions, metrics with Google Analytics 4
Each dashboard consists of dimensions (like сountry, page) and metrics (like users, bounce rate). At some point of Google Analytics 4 usage, you may ask questions on which available dashboards can’t answer. Anticipating these questions Google Analytics 4 has options to rearrange available dimensions and metrics into custom dashboards. Or create new dimensions and metrics tuning the GA account to your business needs.
Alerts and email notifications with Google Analytics 4
If something goes wrong with the product you want to get notification immediately. When the product works well, it’s still convenient to regularly check how well it is? For these situations, Google Analytics 4 offers functionality to send emails if KPIs changed drastically or scheduled daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Receive free Google Analytics 4 consultation

Dot Analytics offers Google Analytics 4 consulting services that allow web/mobile apps to increase revenue and decrease costs by getting clean and accurate data and discovering insights.

Google Analytics 4 launching process for web/mobile app

Four steps process to start with Google Analytics 4

Step 1:
Audit of Google Analytics 4.

During the audit, we test the tracking and review Google Analytics 4 properties, filters, and goals settings. All improvements and suggestions we collect into the tasklist for a development team.

We prepare events and goals taxonomy documentation. It helps to keep the naming transparent, avoid event duplication and add new tracking faster based on the style of the implemented part. Also, it serves as a good entry point for your analysts and employees.

If you have already installed Google Analytics 4, you may encounter problems, which lead to incorrect statistics or even ban of Google Analytics account, such as:

  • Personally identifiable information, like emails, or form prompts, collected to Google Analytics 4
  • Traffic from web crawlers, bots, and human testers didn’t filter out.
  • Google Analytics 4 tracking fires two times on one page.
  • Mess with traffic sources (source/medium).
  • Macro and micro conversions didn’t configure.
  • Too high or low bounce rates.
  • A high share of (not set) values
  • No value assigned to goals.
  • A missed UTM tags
  • Duplicate goals.

Audit helps to develop the roadmap for your Google Analytics 4 account transformation.

Step 2:
Web/mobile app tracking using Google Analytics.

Step 3:
Real-time monitoring with Google Analytics 4. Essential Analytics.

Step 4:
Data-driven actions on Google Analytics 4 historical data.
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